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"For the love of horses,
for the comfort of riders"

Facilities aerial view
Barbara Klinger during a dressage competition
Facilities other aerial view

Welcome !

"This website is an opportunity for me to share my passion, to let you discover the discipline of dressage, which receives too little media coverage, and to give you news of my horses' progress, as well as a glimpse into the day-to-day life of my stables.

I sincerely believe that my approach to horses is one of the best, placing the relationship with the horse at the heart of my work.  

A rider can train as much as he wants, but if he doesn't understand his horse, his mechanics, his abilities and his reactions, they won't be able to perform. Before looking for results, you must first and foremost try to make your horse a partner!"

Barbara Klinger

Find (very) soon

Label Allure

Label Allure will be an integral part of the site

and will allow me to share my news

as well as small items for 

dressage lover or simply

horses !

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