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Instructorstate graduate

BEES 2 holder


Competitive rider

for love of horses.

It was at the age of 10, after being invited to ride in a riding school as a thank-you for her mother's communications work, that Barbara discovered horses. It was love at first sight for the young Alsatian.  

It was then that she decided to make horses her vocation. She devotes her passion and love to horses, and they love her back.  

Gifted with an unfailing rigor, seriousness and artistic spirit, she decided to follow the path of dressage, which she considers an art requiring constancy, professionalism but above all communication and love for the horse.   


Over the years, she developed and consolidated her skills in parallel with her studies, until she obtained a DUT in Marketing Techniques. To validate her choices, she took a sabbatical year after her BAC, which she spent working in a dressage stable near Fontainebleau.  


At the age of 17, she bought her first horse: Crack de Normandie, thanks to a sum of money bequeathed to her by her grandmother. Crack was 7 years old and had little experience, but Barbara was determined. After a winter job during her sabbatical year, she joined the French Young Riders Team, which led to her 1st European Championships in 1999, and she was part of the French team for the European Championships in 2000 and 2001. In 2000, she won her 1st title: Champion de France Jeune Cavaliers with her faithful Crack de Normandie.

Barbara doesn't rush things; she likes to spend time with the horses and train them at home. When she feels that they trust her and are ready to express themselves serenely in competition, she presents them at the trials.  And so, little by little, she adds to her collection of titles.  Her record of achievements continues to grow as her work progresses.  

But the recipe remains the same: a great deal of love for horses, listening to their needs, rigor and patience, for results that delight horses and riders alike.


Crack de Normandie

Barbara Klinger

Barbara's first horse, she became French Young Rider Champion in 2000.

7th team at the European Championships in England in 2000

Vice champion of France 2nd category Saumur

Bronze medal at the French Young Riders Championships in 2001

Vice champion of France Pro 2 Saumur in 2002

Pik Flower


With whom she was runner-up in the 4-year-old class in 2008 & runner-up in the 5-year-old class in 2009, with an extraordinary comeback: disturbed by the music, Pik Flower finished 24th out of 34 in the qualifier, won the small final which enabled her to start on the

and took 2nd place with an average score of 80%. 

Selected for the World Championship for 6-year-olds.  

Bronze medal at the French 7-year-old championship in 2011  

Vice champion of France Pro2 in 2012 

Miguelista du Coussou


  • French Pro1 vice champion in 2011



  • Championne de France Cycle Libre 5 ans in 2009

  • Runner-up in the French 6-year-old championship in 2010  

  • 5th in the 7-year-old French Championship in 2011

Cisca v Weltevreden

Barbara Klinger

Daughter of Painted Black

Purchased by Barbara as a 3-year-old from Haras du Feuillard, with whom she became champion 7-year-old in 2014. (72%)

"Horse with no weak points" Jan Bemelmans in 2017. Excellent mentality, good ability to gather and pirouette".

Broodmare - Dam of Thalia and Toumaï born in 2023



Won the 7-year-old Champion title in 2015, the Nations Cup 5* in Rotterdam in 2018, finished 2nd in the RLM in Rotterdam in 2018. Was on the Tryon JEM list. 

Sold to Karen Tebar in February 2019. Ridden & classified with Willy Schetter, 85 in 2023!

Dempsey FBC


Son of Don Juan de Hus

Bought at 2.5, he was sold in March 2023 (aged 6) to Charlotte Chalvignac. Together, they finished 7th in the 6-year-old World Championship 4 months later.

Bolero du Coussoul

Barbara Klinger

Son of Impathe Frettes

Bought by Barbara at 5, he won the Champion de France Dressage Pro 1 title in 2019

Did a GP at 8 and became seriously ill  

Will compete again in 2021

Gotilas du Feuillard


Bought by Barbara as a 3yo at Haras du Feuillard & sold to Corentin Pottier at the end of his 6th year in 2017. Together they became French 7-year-old champions with over 78%.

6 months after his acquisition, he was 15th in the 7-year-old world championship. 

Currently on the French senior team 

Jarina des Vallées


Daughter of Everdale

Purchased at 3 with the sale of Gotilas.  Finished 10th at the World Championship for 7-year-olds in 2021 with 2 recoveries over 78%.

Sold in September 2022 to Anna Dupuy Pelardy, she became French Junior Champion in 2023, then successfully took part in the European Junior Championships.

Dante Chronos D'Authou

Barbara Klinger

In training, successfully started Pro3 in 2022, started PRO1 in 2023

Mister Daily

Barbara Klinger

Purchased at 3 months in 2017.

Still in training, competition debut in 2023


Barbara Klinger

Daughter of Kjento and Cisca

Little Painted Black Girl

Thalia was born on March 31, 2023

  • “Thalia” muse of poetry and actors. Personality who likes to take center stage, “Florissante” 


Barbara Klinger

Son of Glamourdale and Cisca

Grandson of Painted Black

Toumaï was born on April 13, 2023 

  • “Toumaï” name given to the skeleton of the oldest “prehistoric man” discovered to date and which means “Hope of man”

Sports results


Champion of Alsace Dressage Horse


5th by team at the European Championships in Poland with the French Young Riders Team


French Young Riders Champion; 7th by team at the European Championships in England


Vice-champion of France 2nd category Saumur;

bronze medal at the French young rider championships


Vice-champion of France Pro 2 Saumur


Vice-champion of France young horses classic cycle 4 years


French champion young horses free cycle; vice-champion of France young horses classic cycle 5 years


Vice-champion of France young horses classic cycle 6 years old; selected for the Young Horse World Championships; European champion “Master of Iberian horses” 


3rd and 5th place in the French 7-year-old championship;

vice-champion of France Pro 1


With Cisca V Weltevreden, she participated in 8 events for 7-year-old horses. Ranked 5 times first, 2 times second, and 1 time third. 

French Champion for 7-year-olds 2014


French Champion for 7 year olds 2015


Member of the French team in the Nations Cup in Rotterdam (NL);

3rd in the Special Grand Prix at the CDI 3* of Le Mans


French Pro 1 champion with Boléro du Coussoul


4 victories in the 7-year-old horse classes; 

10th in the World Championship for 7 year olds in Verden


3 victories in 7-year-old horse classes with Dante Chronos


French Champion for 7 year olds 2015

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